Kathy and Bill Thomson
“We are absolutely delighted with our ‘highboard’. Everything fits into this lovely piece of furniture (a one stop shop). We just want to keep touching it. The other day my friend , who doesn’t bother much about nice furniture or art got up from her seat and went over to stroke the wood!!! The ultimate compliment. Thanks once again for our lovely furniture.”
Les & Moir Pettigrew
“Rob and his characterful wood have transformed our vague ideas into a series of amazing furniture which have enhanced our living, dining, and sleeping areas for many years.”
Olivia Roper
“When selecting furniture to suit our home we knew we wanted something that was going to be a statement piece, and we were keen to explore the natural beauty of wood.

We had the good fortune to view Rob’s portfolio at a Wood Fair, and although we already knew of his reputation, we had never spent time listening to how his pieces came into creation.

Instantly we were drawn toward his work for so many reasons and unashamedly in description of which superlatives flow - appeal, uniqueness, craftsmanship, quality, detail, artistry. Rob allows the wood to dictate its transformation into furniture that has such tactile and aesthetic proportions, in addition to being functional pieces, that we made selections from stock, and we also commissioned bespoke work to fit dimensions of spaces within our home. Rob discussed working purposes of the furniture to help realise our ideas and check aspects for the design. The working process was exciting. Rob was clear surrounding all timescales and costs for the work. In fact, we were the problem in that he had to store finished work due to renovations at our property that had overrun.

At all times his courteous, professional, and caring approachable manner made business truly a pleasure.

I would not hesitate to recommend, and we go further as to urge working with Rob as the outcomes would be rewarding.

Substantial, stunning, showcase furniture of the highest craftsmanship.”
Fiona Jack
“I saw a beautiful chair in a shop window in Selkirk and discovered the maker was local. My son and I visited Rob’s workshop and were blown away by his use of wood and designs. The desk I would have liked to have bought for my husband was far too big for the space, so Rob came out to our house and went through designs and looked at the space and adapted a design to fit over a window ledge. This meant the desk was fitted into the bay window with views out over the garden. I ordered a matching chair at the same time.

The desk has unusual lines due to the use of the wood and it is incredibly tactile. With soft-close drawers it is easy to use. We have had many compliments from people visiting the house. We both love the piece and will treasure it for years to come.

If you are thinking of commissioning an item of furniture from Rob do not think twice, we have a stunning family heirloom.”
Malcolm and Sandra McGregor, Nisbet. Scottish Borders.
"We were delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of the two dining chairs and the bookcase, we commissioned from Rob Elliot. The aesthetic design and superb finish on the furniture, which highlights the beautiful grain of the wood, has been much admired by our friends and family. From start to finish of our commission, Rob was attentive to the detail of our requirements and his advice was very pertinent. He brings a lifetime of experience to what he brings out of the raw material. We would not hesitate to recommend this outstanding maker."
R, Edinburgh
“Rob Elliot crafts bespoke furniture that is creative, functional, and beautiful. It is a delight to have the products of his work in our home.”
Claire Dunn
"The gentle, natural beauty of Rob's craftsmanship caught my eye a long time ago, as did his approach of only using local elm trees which have died naturally. I felt very lucky being able to commission a small table and large Elm bed from him. Rob talked through the process very openly, and shared images of the sections of wood to be used for the table. Smaller items can sometimes be commissioned faster than larger ones, so the table arrived a few months before the bed. The soft shapes and tactile finish of the wood is captivating. Rob realistically set our expectations on timeline and was then able to personally deliver and help assemble the bed faster than anticipated. My 13-year-old nature-loving daughter is delighted by her Elm bed and feels like she's sleeping in a natural tree house. It's an heirloom piece that she will likely love throughout life and be able to hand down. The whole process has been a pleasure from start to finish, and the daily enjoyment of these woodland wonders is a constant treat. We'd heartily recommend Rob."
Wendy & Dave.
“My partner and I ordered and purchased a beautiful 'floating' king size bed for our new extension, oh my, it is the most beautiful work of art, it will last a lifetime and more. The craftsmanship is second to none, we had a really good chat with Rob about our needs, sizes, also things like where it will sit in the room, how to get it in the room, all the details were covered before the project was started, Rob came out to see the space and he made the most perfect job, this item will be passed on after our day!”
Joanne & Robert Young
We wanted a modern 10-seater dining table and console for our drawing room flat in Edinburgh’s New Town and had been looking extensively for a long time. When we saw Rob’s designs we knew a semi live-edge table was exactly the style we wanted. He designed a beautiful pair of pieces bespoke to our very large space and requirements. Both pieces are just lovely, and I often run my hands along the undulating live edge. We simply could not be more delighted with the furniture and Rob was an absolute pleasure to work with. I’d recommend him in the best possible terms!
Ken and Rineke Sangster
We bought our 4 dining table chairs at the end 2019 at a local fair.
The design was very different to anything we had seen previously, and we love elm furniture.
As Rob was very busy, we had to wait 12 months for delivery of the bespoke chairs and Rob kept us up to date with progress. Well worth the wait. Now 30 months later, the chairs are in daily use and extremely comfortable, testimony to Rob’s excellent ergonomic design.
They are a regular talking point while entertaining friends and family. Rob’s craftsmanship and excellent customer service is much appreciated.
Susan Lawrence, Northumberland.
I first saw Rob Elliot’s furniture in a gallery in Northumberland, and I have to say it was love at first sight. Elm is one of my favourite woods, with its golden colour and wonderful pattern. I liked the way that the natural shape of the tree was incorporated in some of the pieces. When I decided I would ask Rob to make me a writing desk to the design of an old battered one I had, I visited him at his workshop in Selkirk. Having never commissioned bespoke furniture before, Rob guided me through what I could have, making sure it matched my requirements exactly. It felt very special.
The finished result was even more special. Its curves were wonderful, and the natural shape gave me two pairs of “cats ears”, which are very individual. You find yourself stroking Rob’s furniture as it looks and feels so smooth and tactile. (Anyone who sees the furniture does the same)
But be careful because if you go to pick the furniture up from the workshop, he may just have something else you find you cannot possibly live without, be warned.
Lesley Watson & Dougal Philip
“The whole undertaking to commission a dressing table for Lesley’s birthday from Rob was a very enjoyable experience. We had seen some of his furniture in the Lake District and as we live in Scotland it made sense for us to visit him in his workshop and learn all about his craft and how he could help us. We had the measurements of the space available in the bedroom and we designed the piece together with Rob making great suggestions and the commission grew into a dressing table, chair and mirror all crafted from elm wood with the most amazing grain. We were so excited that we wanted it that day, but with a craftsman like Rob we had to accept that we would have to join his waiting list and wait over a year for its arrival! The wait was rewarded with Rob delivering our pieces and helping to install them in our bedroom. They exceeded our expectations; the finish couldn’t be better and delight us every day. Thank you, Rob!”
Debbie Butler
“Rob started to work on a flow rocker for me in December 2018 and was happy to send me photographs as he worked. Seeing the chair develop from its raw wood to its finished state over a number of days was like receiving a photographic Advent calendar and gave me an insight into the whole process of crafting it. I had visited Rob’s workshop the previous August and seen one of the chairs. My initial impression was that it looked stunning - which it did! - but when I sat in it, I was amazed to find how comfortable it was. I learned that Rob had taken anatomical advice to ensure that the design both followed and supported the structure of the body. “Flow” is exactly the right word for this furniture, as it encapsulates the dynamism, balance, and artistry of Rob’s craftsmanship as well as his connection with the natural world and respect for the materials that he uses. He works in harmony with the intrinsic beauty of the wood to allow its shape to sing, rather than forcing it into straight lines. I could not be more delighted with the rocker. It was investment in a piece of craftsmanship which will always bring me joy and I know that it will be an antique of the future. Thank you, Rob, for this wonderful addition to my home!” Debbie Butler
Sue Lowe
“On a Scottish Borders holiday about seven years ago, we chanced upon Rob’s furniture store and were stunned by his beautiful and striking pieces. Living in a Hampshire listed house full of antique dark furnishings we had no need for anything new, but took his card, just in case. A few years later we downsized locally to a new build which had a large and airy kitchen cum dining room cum sitting room. Our old stuff was going to look completely out of place, so we rang Rob to see if he was still in business. Happily, he was and, after perusing his website, we put in an order for 10 chairs, a large dining table with a unique design, a dresser and a coffee table. Because of a waiting list and the size of our order, we wouldn’t be getting it for 18 months. During the wait for our ‘antiques of the future’, Rob kept in touch and could not have been more helpful and patient, especially with my haphazard measurements. As time went on, we got quite nervous about it all – was the furniture going to live up to our extremely high expectations, what if it didn’t look right, was too big, too much. Help! Friends thought we were mad to go so long without. In the meantime, Rob soldiered on, deciding which bits of timber we would appreciate most, while showcasing his carpentry skills and deep love of elm. When the delivery date finally arrived, Rob hired a van and made the long drive Down South with our precious bespoke pieces. We can’t tell you how thrilled we are with our new items. Friends walk in and go ‘wow’, and now understand why we were prepared to wait so long. They all comment on the workmanship, attention to detail and wonderful patterns in the grain. And on how comfy the chairs are. The tabletop is finished to restaurant standard so if we get a spill or a stain, it just wipes off with a damp cloth. Thank you, Rob, we both took a bit of a leap of faith in each other. We had only briefly seen your furniture in Selkirk several years earlier so were working from memories and photos. You had to endure my being scatty with the order as I had an awful lot on my plate at the time. The end result is some fabulous furniture which is admired by all.” Sue Lowe